Thursday, December 10, 2009

Changing of the Urns

The overlook at Mindowaskin Park is one of my favorite views in Westfield. Back in May I had planted the urns with water wise plants such as agaves, sedum, and aloes. These plants held up so much better than expected that I didn't replace them with mums like I usually do. The amazing thing was these plants didn't have to be watered once the entire Summer and Fall.

After a few hard freezes the large agave finally started to show some signs of unhappiness, so I decided it was time to replace it with greens. In the center I used these really cool spruce tips. It took me quite a while to locate them, but it gives a really strong vertical element in the container. (We do have them for sale here at thee nursery. They are around $5 each. I added curly willow, red pine, fraser fir, magnolia, holly and a red bow to finish it off.


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Monday, December 07, 2009

Trees for Troops - Extended One Day

This is a repost of the e-news that I sent out last night:

After all these years in the nursery business, I should expect the weather
to throw us a few curves. Saturday was just one of those unpleasant days. It definitely wasn't one of those nice days to bring the family out. Because of the poor Saturday weather, our response to Trees for Troops was reduced by about 50% compared to last year. I have gotten in touch with our contact at Federal Express, and I've gotten our Trees for Troops pick-up delayed until Tuesday Morning. So there is still time to help out our troops.

IMG_9938.JPGWe've been extremely fortunate in getting cards and ornaments donated for our trees. There has been an unbelievable response to my request for help. We have collected over 400 cards, and close to 300 ornaments for the trees. We just haven't been as successful in getting more trees donated :-( So that is another reason that I am asking you again for your help.

I've also had a few people say that things are harder this year, and they just can't afford to donate a tree. For those that can't afford a whole tree, I've created a way to order just a part of a tree. I'll combine those donations together so that I can add more trees to the truck.
I must have your donation by Tuesday, December 8th at 8AM for the Tree to be on the truck. I know that Monday is a difficult day to come out to the Nursery, so I've created a form that you can place your order securely through paypal. By filling out this form in the email you will be taken right to paypal's website. Feel free to forward this email to your friends and office associates. You can also call us between 9am-6pm at 908-232-4076.

If you do have time tomorrow, you can stop by the Nursery and personally pick out your tree.

Help Support Trees for Troops. Choose an option from below and click Buy Now.

(If the button doesn't work click here to be taken to the form on my blog)
Message to Include with Tree

(Please not that you will get a message that says your tree will be shipped to your address, disregard that message. But we will send you a receipt for your donation for tax purposes)

Many thanks for helping us say thanks to those that give so much.

-Dave Williams

Williams Nursery

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Trees for Troops Order Form- Extended till Tuesday Dec 8th

We've extended the deadline till Tuesday December 8th at 8am.
Your tree is considered a donation to the Christmas Spirit Foundation and you will receive a receipt for your taxes.

Note: you will get an email that says your tree will be shipped to you, we will actually send you the receipt, not the tree.

Tree Size
Message to Include with Tree

Trees for Troops - News 12

News Twelve NJ stopped by today to help us promote Trees for Troops. This short spot ran on tonites news.

Girl Scout Snowmen - Trees for Troops

A girl scout troop dropped these snowmen ornaments off to go with the trees.

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Busy in Garwood - Trees for Troops part 2

Show are a few of the 142 ornaments that the children made at the garwood public library.
The snowmen in the bottom photo are made with crystal light containers. All of the ornaments have been designed to withstand getting wet, since they will be packed with the trees.

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Busy in Garwood - Trees for Troops Part 1

Special thanks to all of the children at the Garwood Public Library.
They made 142 ornaments and 32 cards to go with the trees!

Thank you for all of your help!

See the next post for pictures of the ornaments.

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Giant Snowflake -Trees for Troops

Thanks for this giant snowflake ornament provided by the Ladies Aucilizry of the Rahway Yacht Club.

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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Over 100 Cards - Trees for Troops

I don't know who to personally thank for organizing this card effort, but someone dropped off a large envelope full of cards for the Troops.

It had written on the envelope that it was from the
Kenilworth Daisy Troop,
Westfield Lincoln School Kindergarten Classes
Westtfield Co-Op Nursery School.

Thank you to the organizer, and a great big thank you to the kids that made the cards.

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For the Very Brave - Trees for Troops

I wanted to share this card that a child name Evan made to go with the Trees for Troops.
He says it all:
Dear Soldier,
Thank you.
You are very Brave.
Happy Holidays.
You can do it.
We miss you,
Love Evan

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Sometimes a Card makes you crack a smile.

One of my favorite things in the Trees for Troops program, is that I get to look through the cards that the kids have made. Sometimes you get one that just makes you laugh out loud....Still chuckling on this one. It definetly made me smile.

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Go USA! - Trees for Troops Ornaments

Wow, Mountainside Daycare provided us with a whole bucket of ornaments and a stack of cards made by their kids. Great Job! I took a photo of one of the sleds. It says it all "GO USA!"

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Thank You Troops - Brownie Troop 752


The cards are rolling in. These have been provided from Brownie Troop 752

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Ornaments Delivered for Trees for Troops

I want to personally thank the Morristown Area Girl Scouts who made ornaments to decorate trees donated thru "Trees for Troops". They presented me with several bags of hand-made beaded candy cane ornaments to be delivered with the trees. Each ornament is made from a pipe cleaner and 24 white and 24 red beads. Thank you so very much!

Pictured are Erin and Kimberly delivering them to Williams Nursery in Westfield, who agreed to include them with trees that will be sent to our servicemen and women this holiday season. 

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Trees for Troops - NY WMCA Interview

I had the honor of doing a interview for the 'People with a Purpose' segment on New York's WMCA AM radio. For those that want to listen to the recorded segment click play below.

I also want to thank WMCA for producing and running the following sixty second commercial to help promote Trees for Troops.