Friday, September 18, 2009

Fall Events at Williams Nursery

Pony Rides
Oct. Sat & Sun 10-5pm
& Mon. Oct. 12th

Scarecrow Contest
More chances to win! Judging Throughout October.(See website Or stop in for details)

Food Drive Weekend
Sept 26th & Sept 27th
Bring in a can of food for a FREE hayride. Visit our Website or stop in for a requested food list.

Pumpkin Weekend
Oct. 3th & 4th
Free Mini-pumpkin for kids.

Tastes of Fall
Oct. 10th &11th.
Stop in for a FREE taste of one of the many fall butters and salsas.

Costume Contest
Oct 24th 2 pm-Prizes!

Gift Shop Open House
Nov 13-15th. All Giftware 20% Off as we kickoff the holidays.

Trees for Troops Weekend
Dec 4th-Dec 6th
Help us in supporting our troops. Its important that soldiers and their families receive a Real Christmas Tree for the holiday.

Some events weather
permitting. Visit our website
for last minute schedule
updates or follow
williamsnursery on twitter.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Fall is for Decorating Fun!

I put this animoto video together to showcase some of our new fall items. It is a great time to get the family to start decorating. Everything shown is available now.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Garden Game Changing Freeze Frost Protection

Several weeks ago, I was at the Independent Garden Center show in Chicago. This is the show for independent garden center owners (attendance this year was over 6000) to see products that are new and exciting. Myself and several other Garden Center owners were on the panel to select the best new product being shown at the show.

We selected liquid fence's new product FreezePruf™ as the best product at the show. It truly is a transformational product that will change the way that people will garden. Developed by botanists, FreezePruf™ helps a plant survive hard frost and sudden freeze, extending the growing season by at least one month for growers and gardeners.Using Freezepruf is almost like moving your temperature zone 200 miles south. It improves a plants' natural cold tolerance up to 9.4F, depending on the variety of plant.

Freezepruf™ protects the plant externally and systemically (throughout the plant) by enhancing both its natrual "anti-freeze" like properties and its ability to survive ice crystal damage. The formula is biodegradable buy designed to resist washing away by rain or snow. One application will last upto six weeks.

If you've ever had flowers knocked down by an early frost, or wanted to get a head start on your garden in early Spring. This is one of the must have products of the year.
I made sure at the show that we would be one of the first garden centers to have it available. It is now in stock!

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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Ferris Wheel's Passion Flowers

Maybe its because I'm totatly pasionate about flowers that I see them everywhere. I had taken my son with me to the beach yesterday and I started playing with my camera. I had heard on photofocus (a podcast that I listen too) that you can play with the zoom on an slr and move it while releasing the shutter. I took this photo of the ferris wheel at Ocean City NJ using this technique. I thought that it resemebled the passion flower.

Passion flowers are vines that are marginally hardy in our area. They do make great hanging baskets or container plants. They will do best if placed in an area of full sun. The flowers are exotic looking and beautiful. They are extremely easy to grow. It is late to get them started for this year, but put them on your list to try to grow next season.

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